Tuesday, December 8, 2009

About My Walks...

Joined 'Mathrubhumi' as news photographer in 1993.Conducted a photopainting in 1993. Conducted a photopainting exhibition in collaboration with the painter Bhagyanathan,under the banner of SEEK(Society of Environmental Education in Kerala), in 2001. Titled 'Vishavimukta bhoomi'(poison-free earth),it depicted the misery of villagers in Kasargod District,as a result of aerial spraying of Endosulfan, the killer insecticide. The exhibition evoked tremendous response across Kerala,and was conducted in more than 400 centers and is still beign mounted in various places.
The panels promote public awareness and has won public acclaim whereever they were exhibited.Recognition came in the form of Maja Koyna National Award and Imcc Award in 2003.the picture depicting the miseries of Endosulfan victims got Silver World Medal at New York Festival 2005,in the public advertisement section.
A photo panel exhibition on the theme of water exploitation by Coca Cola and Pepsi at Palakkad in Kerala,was conducted as part of World Water Conference held at Plachimada in January 2004.The same exhibition was held at the venue of Water Festival organised by Navodhanya at Delhi Hatt, New Delhi in February 2005. 'Water Thief-Another Story of Corporate Crime' was the name of a series of photo exhibitions held in various centers in Kerala and other states, with accent on the same theme. Prepared an audio visual version of the exhibition and presented it at several centers including foriegn countries.
wife:Somaraji ; son:Tapan
Chief News Photographer
Mathrubhumi Periodicals
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