Tuesday, December 8, 2009


The agitation waging by the local people aginst the unscrupulous water loot of Coco-cola company at Plachimada has catched the attention of the whole Globe. This book is a reminder to the world once again , which depict some of the great moments of that resistance which crossed 2000 days, through the eyes of a camera. It also ponders on the social and enviornmental shocks and impacts of pricing and privatising of drinking water.'Waterplunder' is releasing on 11.12.2009 ,Friday at 11 a.m in the Corporate office Kozhikode.In the function,Environmental Acharya Sunderlal Bahuguna will hand over the book to Mathrbhumi Managing Director M P Veerendrakumar.


  1. hi Mad hu Raj !!
    u r an activist.
    u 'shoot' with ur camera!!
    v take pride in ur stride.